Web Sites

HTML, CSS, and Flash

  1. CZDigital

    Control-Z Digital Design is the Flash-based portfolio of Craig Duckett. It was created utilizing Flash's on-board GUI tools as well as additional 'tweaking' with ActionScript 2.

  2. Dark Dimension

    This sample site was created to demonstrate a dark theme and the simple use of just a few colors.

    Dark Dimension
  3. Total Touch

    This sample site utlized the same color themes as the Dark Dimension site, but on a white background.

    Total Touch
  4. Winkus Graphix

    An exampe of a company business site, with HTML and CSS.

    Winkus Graphix
  5. Flash Web

    An example of a portal site, built with HTML and CSS.

    Flash Web
  6. Dizzy

    Another example of a portal site, built mostly with HTML and some CSS.


  7. Game Zone

    An example of a gaming site (HTML, CSS).

    Game Zone