False Starts, Roundabouts & Dead Ends:
A Writer's Clearinghouse

by Craig Lee Duckett
Seattle, Washington USA
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THE FINE PRINT: I've written numerous short stories over the years, and started—although never completed—a half dozen novels. For a litany of reasons, my writing was often interrupted by forces and events outside my creative control, and by the time I got back to it I'd discovered I'd developed new ideas and concepts that propelled me elsewhere. Although new novels were started, the old ones were left finished. Rather than allow these writings to languish anymore unread—and conspicuously unedited—I've decided to post them here if only to liberate myself of them, allowing me to start other projects with a sense of regeneration and renewal. I am currently hard at work on a three-novel series that I am hesitant to share in order to protect my plotlines. The first novel of the series, The Quiet Limit of the World, I hope to have completed sometime in 2013, all 600 pages of it.

Be forewarned: these False Starts are all 'first drafts' and often suffer from a creative wordiness that has plagued me for decades (I always write "longwinded" knowing I'll trim and pare down later) and yet: scattered in the ordure an occassional gem or unexpected nugget sometimes catches the light just so and shines brilliantly. Where these can be found I am unable to say, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The excreta, on the other hand, is painfully apparent for all to see, so please, watch your step.

In addition to these False Starts, I've also included a representative sampling of completed stories I've written, and, for historical purposes only, selections from my various writer's notebooks and journals. Again, you are reminded to take each of these with a proverbial grain of salt, if not a heady shot of ardent spirits.

Hard At Work