Photoshop & Flash

Examples of Imagery Created from Scratch using Photoshop & Flash

  1. Steve McQueen (from Bullitt)

    A from-scratch freehand "painting" of Steve McQueen done in Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet.

    Steve McQueen

    Rough Sketch Steve McQueen  Color In Steve McQueen  Blending Steve McQueen  Detailing Steve McQueen  

  2. Kurt Vonnegut

    Another portrait study drawn freehand and from scratch in Photoshop using the Watcom Intuos 4 pen tablet, referenced from an old black & white photograph of Kurt Vonnegut hung above my desk.

    Kurt Vonnegut

    Rough Sketch Kurt Vonnegut  Coloring in Kurt Vonnegut  Smudging Kurt Vonnegut  Stylish Detailing Kurt Vonnegut

  3. Red Haired Girl

    I wanted to experiment with hair so created this red haired girl from scratch in Photoshop, utlizing approximately 40 different layers, about three hundred strokes of the smudge tool, and completely drawn with a three-button mouse (before I purchased a pen tablet).

    Red Haired Girl

  4. The Time Machine (ala 1960 Movie of the Same Name)

    I wanted to play around with more detailed illustration and the use of multiple layers, so picked this "Time Machine" from the George Pal film. It was completely done from scratch and used up between 60-65 layers.

  5. Green Apple

    This was a stab at photo-realism, completely done from scratch in Photoshop (that is to say, no photographic image of an apple was used in the creation of this image, it was all accomplished using the various Photoshop tools: layers, masking, blending, feathering, etc).

  6. 7 Deadly Sins

    This poster/cover sheet was an experiment in bringing depth and an art quality to a fully text-based graphic.

    7 Deadly Sins
  7. John Lennon

    Using a 4" x 5" black & white photograph as a reference, this portrait of John Lennon was drawn from scratch in Photoshop using my new Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet.

    John Lennon

    Rough Sketch John Lennon  Rough Color John Lennon  Rough Shading John Lennon  Begin Detailing John Lennon  Advanced Detailing John Lennon

  8. Tentacles

    This was an early Photoshop experiment with creating overlay backgrounds, lighting, and use of the Transform tools, all drawn from scratch (except for the hand which came from a stock photo).

  9. Terminator Skull

    This "Terminator Skull" was created in Photoshop from a stock photo of a human skull, then manipulated through several techniques and layers to mimic the evil metal appearance from the Terminator films.


  10. Acorn

    This "Ice Age" style acorn was created from scratch using several Photoshop masking and filter techniques and use of layers.


  11. Wired Logo

    Wired logo, made from scratch utlizing both Illustrator (for the wire ribbon) and Photoshop (for layers and brush techniques), completely done from scratch.


  12. The Bourne Winkus Legacy

    A spoof of the Bourne Legacy "target" logo, made from scratch in Photoshop using layers, channels, masks, and hand-built patterns.

    Winkus Legacy

  13. Space Osmosis

    This was an early "spacey" experiment in manipulating Photoshop layers with linear repetition and the Liquify tool, all done from scratch.

    Space Osmosis

  14. 2001: A Space Winkus

    Another experiment with a planet and light, this time a photoshop spoof of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    2001: A Space Winkus

  15. SPIRAL

    This "DNA" type spiral was an early Flash experiment with ActionScript 2 coding.