Descending Babel
Caveat Emptor: Because all writing is fictional (even scientific texts and especially religious literature), what follows is an auto-myth-ography. Although much occurred as described, by necessity a certain amount of poetic license was taken to shield the innocent, mask the guilty, compress time, and compact space. Also, the author's memory, while usually sharp as a tack, is itself subject to the ineluctable reprocussions of time: amplification, embellishment, contrivance, and forgetfulness.
  • INTRODUCTION An explanation for the wayward story that unfolds.

PART ONE: An Untimely Incarnation  

PART TWO: Atop the Tower, Head in the Heavens  

PART THREE: Descending Babel  

  • Chapter 10 The 1 st Step: Willing Sacrifice
  • Chapter 11 The 2 nd Step: Universal Salvation & Beyond
  • Chapter 12 The 3 rd Step: Denying Salvation on Moral Grounds
  • Chapter 13 The 4 th Step: The "Five Books of Moses"
  • Chapter 14 The 5 th Step: The Biblical Canon & Councils
  • Chapter 15 The 6 th Step: Authorship of Gospels & Epistles
  • Chapter 16 The 7 th Step: Biblical Criticism & Scholarship
  • Chapter 17 The 8 th Step: Dying & Rising Gods Predating Jesus
  • Chapter 18 The 9 th Step: The Origins of the Trinity Doctrine
  • Chapter 19 The 10th Step: Comparative Religion & Influences
  • Chapter 20 The 11th Step: Eastern Religion & Philosophy
  • Chapter 21 The 12th Step: Critical Thinking & Rational Inquiry
  • Chapter 22 The 13th Step: Occam's Razor & the Scientific Method
  • Chapter 23 The 14th Step: Laws of Physics & the Natural World
  • Chapter 24 The 15th Step: The Artifice of Words
PART FOUR: The Real World

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